The is a saying that goes like, “never judge a book by it’s cover”. This is indeed true for Twii. We say to never judge a shoe by it’s look, rather use all your senses to experience the quality.

Twii stems from the African Sepedi word “For Sure”. Walking barefooted in Africa is not a surprise to our people. Up until now, we have been printing foreign shoeprints in our native land. The time has come to print a true African shoeprint in the land of our ancestors.

I believe that every footprint I leave behind and every step I take, is a path to a new future that will let my African roots reach the global audience. Growing up with the love of sneakers, the dream was always to create and give something unique back to the world.

At the start of 2015, I started having a dream of owning my own shoe company. Coming from humble beginnings in Indermark Limpopo, it remained to being just that. A dream!! I somehow doubted my ability from taking my dream and making it my reality. Along the line, I received the courage to take every spare rand I owned, and put this towards making the dream a reality.


At the end of 2018 I had my design in place. I was expecting my first sample from a manufacturer in Vietnam. When this finally arrived, it was the same feeling I had as when my first child was born!


Days later it suddenly dawned upon me…. Why take money and opportunities out of our beloved country? Why not rather strive to keep the manufacturing of this exiting venture local? Cheap imports from China has lately shrunk our local manufacturing. The choice was made. Competitors want to sell shoes. I wanted to create a future.

At the end of 2019, Twii launched with a humble amount of 50 pairs of sneaker. Quality spoke to the people, and the entire stock was sold within a period of two months, with advertising on social media, and word of mouth.

This story of Twii is hopefully just the beginning. The future is in our hands! Our slogan of “Are Vaye”, which means Let’s Go, combined with or name “Twii” which means “For Sure”. Let’s Go For Sure!

Our shoes are made from high quality local leather, Our design is flexible. We give you a shoe that is uniquely manufactured for the individual that you are!

Twii is calling upon artist to come and collaborate with us, in making every walk uniquely and proudly as possible, contact at